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Burn - Personal Fitness Program for Weight Reduction

BURN by CS Professional Fitness is an integrated program of exercises specifically designed to reduce unwanted deposits of body fat, improve energy levels and reduce overall body size.


No one wants to be overweight, with all the health risks associated with it. It doesn’t look good, it doesn’t feel good, it decreases your ability to do things- it can be depressing.


The Burn program begins with light level exercise to deplete the energy levels in the bloodstream and then moves into a moderate resistance training regime interspersed with bursts of light cardio. This is designed to keep the body at the ideal exercise intensity level to facilitate mobilization and burning of body fat, and to promote body composition changes that will increase fat burning, even when at rest.

What to Expect from the BURN Personal Fitness Program


The human body is primarily designed for survival. In general, this means maximizing its ability to endure through periods of hardship. In the natural world, hardship is generally characterized as periods of scarcity of food. To do this, the body’s primal natural “instinct” is to reduce its necessity to expend lots of energy (requiring food) and to favor its ability to store energy so it can sustain itself when food gets scarce. Ever wondered why you seem to be fighting an uphill battle to build up muscle and reduce fat? Your body is against you all the way!


To turn the tide and start to build the body you desire, you must do exactly what your body does NOT want to do- reduce stored food deposits (fat) and increase metabolism (energy burning). Your body will not make these changes easily. At the start of your BURN program you will notice improvements in fitness and strength before REAL fat loss starts to occur. You will also notice an increase in appetite, which is your bodies attempt to get you to replace the calories you've burned in exercise by eating more, rather than having to deplete its hard-earned fat reserves. This increased urge to eat MUST be curbed to force your body to burn its stored fat.


The BURN program of personal fitness training should be conducted at least 2 times a week, with best results seen at a training frequency of 4-6 times per week. A lesser number of BURN training sessions a week should be augmented with some other forms of exercise, such as AERODANCE, BARBELL MATRIX, GYMSTICK or YOGATAAL group fitness classes, to see any meaningful results.


Candi Soo Fitness and personal training in Albany and Warkworth
Candi Soo Fitness and personal training in Albany and Warkworth
Candi Soo Fitness and personal training in Albany and Warkworth
Candi Soo Fitness and personal training in Albany and Warkworth

The first 2 or 3 BURN sessions may be a surprise, as you start to notice your heart and lungs working and discover muscles you never knew you had. It is normal for you to feel a little stiffness or tiredness after a vigorous exercise program, but your body soon adjusts and the feeling of get-up-and-go will soon take over. Don't quit!


After 10 sessions of BURN, you will likely see and feel quite an improvement in your stamina levels and an increase in alertness and energy. You may also sleep better and improve waste elimination. These are symptoms of improvement in metabolic function due to the exercise. You should see a small reduction in body measurements as well. It is common, however, for body weight to decrease only slightly or even remain the same. This is because your muscles will be firming and strengthening, resulting in heavier muscle mass. Actual fat loss at this stage should be within the 0.5-1.5% range.

From 20-30 sessions is when body fat loss really begins to happen. Your body has “resigned itself” to the fact that you are going to continue to exercise and has started to make the necessary changes. 2-5% decrease in body fat % is common at this stage. Your stamina and strength levels will also continue to improve. People start to notice.


Of course, to be maximally effective, the BURN exercise program must be combined with a sensible approach to nutrition. The amount of calories consumed must be restricted to force the metabolism of fat. This can feel uncomfortable in the initial stages, but becomes easier as you progress. You will learn many simple-to-use guidelines for reducing your calorie intake as you progress on the BURN program, such as:


Candi Soo Fitness and personal training in Albany and Warkworth
  • Try to drink plenty of water with your meals

  • Reduce the AMOUNT of food you eat at each meal

  • Stop yourself eating BEFORE you feel full. In 10 minutes time, you WILL feel full.

  • Don’t eat carbohydrates before you sleep, or before any other prolonged period of inactivity.

  • Avoid sugar and sugary food or drinks.


Your meal composition for weight reduction and reducing body fat levels should take the form of less fat, even less carbohydrate, and more protein.

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