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Drive - Personal Fitness Program for Stamina and Endurance

DRIVE by CS Professional Fitness is a series of exercise workouts specifically designed to improve your ability to get up and go!


If you find yourself lacking in energy, feeling tired and unable to keep up with the pace of your life, this one is for you.


DRIVE works on your muscular endurance and stamina levels, increasing your body’s capacity to supply vital energy-rich nutrients all around your body to give you the ability to keep going - all day long.

You will also find improvement in strength and a reduction in body fat levels.


DRIVE is particularly useful for parents with active kids, people who work long hours, recreational athletes, inactive schoolchildren, people in sedentary lifestyles, smokers (you will feel the difference in your lungs)

What to Expect from the DRIVE Personal Fitness Program


Stamina and Endurance levels are aerobic functions and primarily dependent on the ability of your body to deliver large and continuous amounts of oxygen and glucose to the working muscles. These elements are delivered around the body by the bloodstream, and so the better the cardio vascular system (heart and arteries) works, the better your endurance levels can be. The ability of your lungs to extract oxygen from the air also plays a major role.


Bearing these things in mind, the DRIVE program concentrates on building up the strength and capacity of the heart, encouraging maximum blood flow through the arterial system, and increasing the ability of the muscles to work for longer.


The DRIVE program works by encouraging you to maintain exercise intensity for longer periods than is comfortable, so that your body may adapt and make the necessary changes that will result in more stamina and endurance. This may sound somewhat daunting, but it is the only way to achieve real results, and it is done at your own pace and with techniques that require the minimum of time commitment- not one wasted exercise session.


In the initial stages of a DRIVE session, you will be given a warm up routine to increase your metabolism and limber up your joints. This should place the first few beads of sweat upon your brow and prepare you for the "meat" of the session. Once you get started into the session proper, you will work at a fast pace, running through a variety of exercises with a minimum of rest time. Your heart rate will increase, your breathing will speed up and become deeper, and more sweat will appear as your body temperature builds. These are all good signs that you are on the road to increased stamina and energy levels. Throughout the entire program, the lifting of heavy weights is avoided in favour of exercises using minimal resistance, rapid movements and sustained periods of activity.


Results are achieved fast on the DRIVE program and you will notice a feeling of improved vigour and wellbeing after the first 2 or 3 sessions. This is essentially caused by a change in hormone levels and endorphins in the bloodstream, priming you for the improved performance to come. After 10 sessions you will notice a drastic improvement in your ability to sustain throughout the DRIVE sessions, and you will have a brighter, more energetic approach to life in general. This is when long term improvement in heart and lung function and muscular endurance begins to occur. You can expect stamina and endurance levels to improve rapidly for the first 20-30 sessions of DRIVE, with the rate of improvement gradually slowing to a plateau at around 40 sessions. At this stage you will be a vastly fitter, stronger more energetic individual- guaranteed. From this point, changing to a maintenance program to ensure that you keep all this improvement is recommended.


The DRIVE program of personal fitness training should be conducted at least 2 times a week, with best results seen at a training frequency of 4-5 times per week, depending on your age group. A lesser number of DRIVE training sessions a week should be augmented with some other forms of exercise, such as AERODANCE or GYMSTICK group fitness classes, to see any meaningful results. A maximum of one day rest between exercise sessions should be aimed for.

Candi Soo Fitness and personal training in Albany and Warkworth
Candi Soo Fitness and personal training in Albany and Warkworth
Candi Soo Fitness and personal training in Albany and Warkworth
Candi Soo Fitness and personal training in Albany and Warkworth

The DRIVE program is a high energy program and requires a lot of glucose to fuel the aerobic energy pathway so that you can exercise for sustained periods of time. Nutritionally, the best food source to provide this glucose is complex carbohydrate, which is found in rice, pasta potatoes, bread, etc. Protein intake should also be increased (meat, fish, chicken, eggs, etc) to enable the strengthening and building of new muscle tissue. Protein is also used by the body as an energy source and so should be provided in the diet to discourage the breakdown of muscle to provide fuel. A high calorie drink including simple carbohydrate (sugar) can be taken before a DRIVE session to provide an immediate energy boost, and also afterwards to quickly replace lost energy levels. Sugary food and drinks should not be used as a primary source of energy, however, as this can lead to excessive body fat production.

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