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Peak - Personal Fitness Program for Strength and Size

The ultimate recreational body building program, PEAK by CS Professional Fitness is designed to rapidly build up strength levels, increase muscle size and reduce body fat levels.

In a world obsessed with diets and slimming, it’s hard to realize that, for a lot of people, they have the opposite challenge.


An extremely light, weak and featureless build can also lead to decreased self esteem and confidence. Fortunately, an increase in muscle mass will promote shape and increased physical ability.


It will also give you the strength to handle everyday activities with ease. PEAK training is also great to improve general musculature and strength, especially in men.

The PEAK program is divided into sessions to work on different body areas at different times, enabling maximum growth without excess fatigue. It has minimal cardio training and uses high resistance training combined with rest periods to stimulate individual muscles into growth. This is recreational body building and is the only way to produce an impressive physique you can be really proud of.

PEAK provides the answer for thin women who would like to be able to open their own jars and choose clothes freely from the rack. Sportspeople who are looking for a strength advantage in their game. Men who want to look and feel stronger, gain respect and improve their strength capabilities. People who need to re-strengthen muscles after trauma such as surgery or an injury.


What to Expect from the PEAK Personal Fitness Program


Building up muscle is one of the most difficult fitness goals that one can take on. This is because the human body is naturally inclined towards having the minimum amount of muscle as possible.


Muscle is an expensive commodity for the body to carry- it consumes a lot of food energy to maintain. As far as natural survival is concerned, this is not a good thing, so your body will only maintain the amount of muscle tissue it needs to do the work that is regularly demanded of it.


So this is how the PEAK program works. You must regularly demand that your muscles work against heavy resistance so that your body will respond by producing enough muscle mass to do that work. As your muscles are asked to lift more and more weight, they will respond by growing bigger and stronger. Use it or lose it- it's that simple.


But Rome was not built in a day. Of all the fitness goals, building up significant muscle mass probably requires the most discipline and effort. The PEAK program divides the body up into segments and specifically trains only one body part at a time so that maximum attention to that area can be given. Each muscle is worked until it is fatigued, and then rested for one or two days so it can properly recover. Regular frequency of PEAK sessions is of paramount importance to maintain the demand on the body that will force it to grow.


A day or two after your first PEAK sessions you will probably feel some temporary muscle soreness and restricted flexibility (stiffness). This is a good sign and means your muscles are growing. As you become more accustomed to the exercises and more experienced in its effects, you will delight in this post workout feeling and look forward to it with anticipation. The occurrence and severity of these symptoms, however, will wane as your strength increases.


Candi Soo Fitness and personal training in Albany and Warkworth
Candi Soo Fitness and personal training in Albany and Warkworth
Candi Soo Fitness and personal training in Albany and Warkworth
Candi Soo Fitness and personal training in Albany and Warkworth

Because the PEAK program is designed to fatigue each muscle group to the max at each workout session, it is important to leave enough time between workouts for those muscles to recover.

To achieve this, the body is divided into two equal parts and only half is exercised at each alternate session. This means that if you miss a PEAK session it can be a long time interval between training a certain body part.

Best results are therefore achieved with 3-4 PEAK sessions per week, which ensures that each body part gets exercised twice per week and has a rest period of about 3 days to recover. A training frequency of 2 times per week is the minimum and should be supported by other muscle building activities during the week like the BARBELL MATRIX or GYMSTICK group fitness classes.

The progress curve under the PEAK program is an inverse logarithmic shape, and noticeable results usually come relatively quickly in the initial stages. Your improved muscle definition will definitely draw attention after the first 10 sessions, and by 20 sessions an improvement in your physical measurements will become obvious. Rate of improvement gradually slows at this stage until a point is reached where maintenance of your new muscular physique is all that is required.


To maximize your gains during the PEAK program, you should alter your diet to include more protein, as this is the building block for muscle. Your appetite will increase, so feel free to eat as much meat, fish, chicken, eggs and vegetable protein etc as you like. Your intake of carbohydrate and fat is likely to increase also while you are training. You need this for energy but to avoid putting on excess fat, try to minimize increase in consumption of these.

Candi Soo Fitness and personal training in Albany and Warkworth

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